Essential Oil Dilution Guidelines for Safe Usage:

  • Use our essential oil dilution chart to create the ideal aroma blends. Follow the recommended drop ratio for a balanced blend. For instance, if you want to utilize two different smells and you need 16 drops of oil, use 8 drops of each (alter ratios to keep the total drops under 16).

  • Start with fewer drops when figuring out how to dilute essential oils and progressively add more until you reach the appropriate dilution ratio.

  • Before using essential oils with children, or teenagers, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please speak to a healthcare professional.

  • For topical applications, we caution against dilutions greater than 2-3%. Although 8-10% is frequently found in perfumes, applying it all over the body is not advised.

  • Depending on the essential oil and usage, percentages may change. Avoid applying undiluted oils directly to the skin; essential oils must be diluted for safe topical usage.

  • A 1% or lower dilution is advised for facial applications like oils or masks. While rinse-off bath and body products can be diluted at 2-3%, massage oils, and leave-on body products should have a 1-2% dilution.

  • For the protection of youngsters, extra care must be taken when utilizing essential oils.

  • The purpose of these recommendations is to guarantee that essential oils are used responsibly and in accordance with our brand's dedication to your health.