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Hey there, I'm Neil Pathak, a certified aromatherapist with over 6 years of experience in essential oils and aromatherapy. Co-founding Ayurmeans, an online e-commerce portal, my passion lies in guiding you on an aromatic journey to discover the magic of essential oils.

My Passion for Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy fascinated me when I sought inner harmony amidst life's challenges. The allure of essential oils and their impact on well-being ignited my passion. Now, I'm here to share the wonders of aromatherapy with you.

Empowering Through Expertise & Experience:

My background and qualifications in aromatherapy make me proud. I continuously learn and blend oils for diverse needs. At Ayurmeans, we offer pure, potent essential oils for your well-being.

Discover the Magic of Essential Oils:

Ayurmeans brings you a captivating collection of essential oils, from relaxation to radiant skin. Our oils are pure and potent, bringing nature's essence to your home.

Personalized Aromatherapy Consultations:

I'm devoted to understanding your unique needs. My one-to-one consultations empower you with knowledge for well-being and emotional health.

Empowerment Through Knowledge:

Knowledge is key to unlocking aromatherapy's potential. My website and blog offers tips and insights to embrace aromatherapy safely and effectively.

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Join Me on this Aromatic Journey:

Explore Ayurmeans and my consultations to embrace the world of aromatherapy. Together, let's create a harmonious, blissful life filled with wellness and joy.

Showcasing My Credentials:

I'm proud to showcase my aromatherapy certificates, reflecting authenticity and commitment.

Gratitude and Action:

Thank you for joining my aromatic journey. Connect with Ayurmeans and me for healing, balance, and empowerment.

Stay Aromatic, Stay Well,
Neil Pathak

Neil Pathak - Certified Aromatherapist - NAHA
Neil Pathak - Certified Aromatherapist - NAHA
Nripendra Pathak CEU credits for aromatherapy
Nripendra Pathak CEU credits for aromatherapy

My Expertise


Aromatherapy Consultation:

With a keen ability to assess and analyze individual requirements, he recommends tailored aromatherapy solutions for optimal well-being.

Application Techniques:

Nripendra possesses expertise in a range of application techniques, including topical applications, inhalation methods, and diffuser usage. He guides clients on the proper usage and application methods

Essential Oil Blending:

Nripendra skillfully crafts customized blends. He combines various oils to create synergistic and effective formulations that address specific physical, emotional, and mental concerns.

Client Education:

Nripendra equips individuals with the necessary understanding to make informed choices and incorporate aromatherapy into their wellness routines.

Trying my best to learn



Certified Aromatherapist


Bachelor of Engineering




Aromatherapy for Natural Living - Isla Verde Spa Training Academy

Natural Beauty Course - Isla Verde Spa Training Academy


Co-founder at Ayurmeans
2018 - Till Date

Author and Blog Writer


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Raj Patel.

Nripendra's aromatherapy consultation was a game-changer for me. He carefully listened to my concerns and provided valuable insights and recommendations. The personalized blend he created helped alleviate my stress and anxiety. I highly recommend Nripendra for his expertise and dedication to his client's well-being.

Manoj Dave

I was amazed by Nripendra's ability to blend essential oils to address my specific needs. His formulations were not only effective but also beautifully aromatic. I felt a sense of calm and balance after using the blends he created for me. Nripendra's skill in essential oil blending is truly exceptional.

Happy clients